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Notes: each dot represents one publication; dates refer to the time of first publication (online or printed); SES = socio-economic status; the most recent publications may not be reflected in the timeline.

Selected Publications

Life expectancy: frequently used, but hardly understood
Luy, Marc; Di Giulio, Paola; Di Lego, Vanessa; Lazarevič, Patrick; Sauerberg, Markus
Gerontology. 2019 Aug 08; 10.1159/000500955

The impact of increasing education levels on rising life expectancy: a decomposition analysis for Italy, Denmark, and the USA
Luy, Marc; Zannella, Marina; Wegner-Siegmundt, Christian; Minagawa, Yuka; Lutz, Wolfgang; Caselli, Graziella
Genus. 2019 Mar 07; 75: 11; 10.1186/s41118-019-0055-0

Community social characteristics and health at older ages: evidence from 156 religious communities
Bowen, Catherine E.; Luy, Marc
The Journals of Gerontology: Psychological Sciences and Social Sciences. 2016 Aug 10; 73(8): 1429-1438

Life expectancy by education, income and occupation in Germany: Estimations using the Longitudinal Survival Method
Luy, Marc; Wegner-Siegmundt, Christian; Wiedemann, Angela; Spijker, Jeroen
Comparative Population Studies. 2015 Dec 14; 40(4): 399-436

Gender gaps–life expectancy and proportion of life in poor health
Luy, Marc; Minagawa, Yuka
Health Reports. 2014 Dec 17; 25(12): 12-19

The impact of smoking on gender differences in life expectancy: more heterogeneous than often stated
Luy, Marc; Wegner-Siegmundt, Christian,
European Journal of Public Health. 2014 Dec 10; 25(4): 706-710

Do women live longer or do men die earlier? Reflections on the causes of sex differences in life expectancy
Luy, Marc; Gast, Katrin
Gerontology. 2013 Nov 11; 60(2): 143-153

Ageing in an aged society: experiences and attitudes of Catholic order members towards population ageing and older people
Luy, Marc; Flandorfer, Priska; Di Giulio, Paola
Ageing & Society. 2014 Jul 24; 35(1): 1-36

Estimating mortality differences in developed countries from survey information on maternal and paternal orphanhood
Luy, Marc
Demography. 2012 Mar 17; 49(2): 607-627

Tempo effects and their relevance in demographic analysis
Luy, Marc
Comparative Population Studies. 2011 Sep 15; 35(3): 415-446

Estimates of the tempo-adjusted total fertility rate in Western and Eastern Germany, 1955–2008
Luy, Marc; Pötzsch, Olga
Comparative Population Studies. 2011 Sep 15; 35(3): 605-636

Differences in life expectancy by education and occupation in Italy, 1980-94: indirect estimates from maternal and paternal orphanhood
Luy, Marc; Di Giulio, Paola; Caselli, Graziella
Population Studies. 2011 May 20; 65(2): 137-155

Mortality tempo-adjustment: an empirical application
Luy, Marc
Demographic Research. 2006 Dec 15; 15(21): 561-590

Mortality differences between western and eastern Germany before and after reunification - a macro and micro level analysis of developments and responsible factors
Luy, Marc
Genus. 2004 Dec 01; 60(3/4): 99-141

Causes of male excess mortality: insights from cloistered populations
Luy, Marc
Population and Development Review. 2004 Apr 20; 29(4): 647-676

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